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Connecticut Shooting Community: Forum

CTShooting :: View topic - WARNING: K-5 Arms Exchange, Milford, CT

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Author Message
Marksman I
Marksman I

Joined: Jun 26, 2008
Posts: 20
Location: Milford

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:53 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Let this be your fair warning with regards to being a customer at K-5 Arms in Milford, CT. I have been a customer there for over a year and the way they treated me and that I've seen others treated before is absolutely insulting.

I went there this evening to purchase a shotgun. Tried to negotiate a lower price, but they wouldn't budge. So, the salesman tells me that he'll hook me up with some shells after all the stuff is done (paperwork, etc).

So, I give them my money (~$400) and say "thanks." The other salesman(boy), Matt, goes and picks up 2 boxes of 5-round crap ammo. The gun is a 7-shot.

So, I look at the other guy - Allen - and he says he's going to get some stuff off the free shelf. I see him walk back out with 2 boxes of target loads. Cool, I think. Then the third guy pushes him back into the office and says "what are you doing, man?" I hear them whisper/argue, and he comes out and says "we don't have anything else for you." Then the two young guys, Matt and some other dude stand there looking at me like I'm a piece of crap that didn't just drop $400 of my hard-earned money on a brand new shotgun. I told them that I wish they had told me all of this before I handed them my money, and they basically told me to F myself.

What a crappy way to do business, fellas. So, I told him that it was a bad way to conduct business and that he'd just lost a customer that had been going there (reluctantly) for a year or so. He claimed that he was sorry and that "the ammo was old and they didn't want to give it to me" (RIGGGHHTTTT!) etc. Buncha BS if you ask me. If it was old, you'd have properly disposed of it and not made such a fuss over giving it away.

UPDATE: I just got home and realized that I didn't have a receipt. I called them and asked if they had it on the counter. They then put me on hold for 5+ minutes and never came back on the phone. I called back, Matt - the punk kid that was there - told me that he put it in the bag and they didn't have it. Then I got pissed, told them that they have made this EXCEEDINGLY difficult to do business with, and that I wanted my reciept. He then proceeded to CURSE ME OUT and HANG UP ON ME.

I will be calling the local news stations and writing an article for my local paper. The Better Business Bureau will be contacted tomorrow, as well. This is ridiculous. The owner of this shop has a reputation around here and he just proved it.

As gun owners, we work hard for our guns. These pieces of crap take the fun and excitement right out of it. Every. Single. Time.

I'd recommend a Guns n' Safes, Hoffman's, or Newington Gun Exchange.

My students will also be directed elsewhere from now on. Fortunately, I know a lot of local shooters.

NRA Certified Instructor
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High Master II
High Master II

Joined: Feb 03, 2008
Posts: 2441
Location: SE CT

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:31 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Thanks for the report.

I know things are getting tough all over and proprietors seek to get top dollar to stay afloat, but they sure won't help their cause with the treatment delved out to you.

Run that shotgun through it's paces and get maximum enjoyment with it. That will help you put the toxic sales experience behind you.

You can feel better buying supplies from another shop and move forward.

Make sure you keep tabs on the Harwinton R&G Club's website for the Pistol/Shotgun and Three-Gun matches for 2009. You'll have a blast with your new shotgun, I'm sure! (Isn't that right, PaiN?)

The site isn't updated, yet...
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Marksman V
Marksman V

Joined: Mar 22, 2009
Posts: 120

PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:43 pm Reply with quote Back to top

CTSixshot wrote:
Thanks for the report.

I know things are getting tough all over and proprietors seek to get top dollar to stay afloat, but they sure won't help their cause with the treatment delved out to you.

Run that shotgun through it's paces and get maximum enjoyment with it. That will help you put the toxic sales experience behind you.

You can feel better buying supplies from another shop and move forward.

Make sure you keep tabs on the Harwinton R&G Club's website for the Pistol/Shotgun and Three-Gun matches for 2009. You'll have a blast with your new shotgun, I'm sure! (Isn't that right, PaiN?)

The site isn't updated, yet...

I bought my LCP there, paid a decent price. But if I was in any sort of a hurry, I would have been pissed. The kid helping me took no less than three personal phone calls while he was "helping" me. Took me about an hour to buy a single firearm. But you have to admit, they have an amazing selection.
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Marksman IV
Marksman IV

Joined: Apr 22, 2009
Posts: 75

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:08 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Obviously there are some very important things, but simple things that business owners, managers, employees, people in general for that matter seem to have lost, forgotten or some just don't care...

Its called customer service, and customer service means common coutresy, a little kindness and understanding, and you know, customers can be nasty too, but hey, they're the customer, they're the ones keeping that guy from filing bankrupsy and telling his wife they can go buy that big screen tv this week.

I've been on both ends, we all have bad days but what businesses seemed to have forgotten is when a customer walks in with a frown or angry, make sure he/she walks out with a smile, what ever it takes. Try to understand that that person walking in who looks P'ed off, if a woman, might have gotten her period a hour ago, or the guy who walks in might have had a screaming wife or kids in both ears.

But whatever the reasons, people are forgetting goodwill and courtesy. Maybe the guy you dealt with just took a look at his property insurance bill or bank note, regardless what triggered it, if these business want remain in a successful business when countless thousands are filling chapter 11, thats up to them.

A teacher once said "Whatever decision you make in life, it affects a multitude of people", and that goes along the same lines with P**s one customer off and you P****d off ten or twenty of his friends and family.

A lot of consumers when treated the way you were simply never return or recommend anyone to that store and as consumers, so its important to others to share your experience for good or bad.

After dropping $5000 at Forest and Field in Norwalk, I can rant on for the next hour for the way I've been treated, taken advantage of and ripped off by that store owner simply because he feels I'm a new gun owner, inexperienced, and you know what, he got me and from speaking to him and over hearing several other converstions his pompus attitude is "we have what you need when other don't". In my opinion, that is no better than gouging victims of a Florida Hurricane and taking advantage of a crisis.

I only went to that store after seeing him on the Glenn Beck Show, I paid him a visit, wanted a particular rifle which had to be ordered, knowing I had to fill out paper work, I asked "what do I do next", his reply, "you can start by giving me money"...not a great first impression!

Just before my pistol permit class, I seen a Browning Bruiser double gun case on my next visit, price tag was $195, bought some ammo and cleaning supplies, was in a rush for class, ran my card through, after class the store was closing so I left, didn't really pay attention to the reciept till I got home, he wacked me $55 more for the case. I checked with Brownings prices and other stores, they all ahd $195. I returned to the store and talked to the owner, he seemed accomodating and I thought he was about to offer me a credit at the register, he said "someone marked the case wrong, it is $249. I sucked it up, bit my tongue and said he'd better check with all his price tags because at this same time, his salesman showed me four boxes of Federal 357 mag on special for $14.95, I grabbed them, again, I had a lot of items, he wrang it up, I looked at the slip, he charged me $24.95, now I was ticked off because again, he said "these are marked wrong".

Did I mention he charged me $1350 for a State Compliant Bushmaster M4? You don't want to know what he hit me with for the Aimpoint CompM4, 3x Mag and Sampson Flip Mount (I asked for the Aimpoint Twist).

I don't argue in stores, I've always valued a customer who whould have enough integrity and professionalism to pull me aside if there were a problem and then make his or her point, me, call me ignorant or foolish, I tend to bite my tongue as a consumer and say hey, if thats his price, then thats his price...

But the outrageous manner in which I was treated on every visit, sometimes ignored for a woman behind me when I was quietly next in line, I was not the only male this happened with. Did I mention they do not return phone messages or answer their phone regulary? Their phone manners are worse, absolutely lousy, short, abrupt answers, no how can we help you, can I offer this advice, no hello, no good bye.

Did I mention when I signed up for the pistol permit class, they were out of NRA books, ended up going to class and looking at another guys book. They said no problem, you'll get it, two weeks go by after other visits I happened to inquire if they recieved them, the tall African American throws it at me with other customers looking at me and rolling their eyes at him. He's the worst, and I sincerely mean that.

I mentioned in another post how they sold me several boxes of range ammo, after they ran my card, then told me I had to use their frangible, and have to buy it at the time I'd use the range, then told me, nope, don't have none.

I want to use the range, I get the same treatment, I ask a question, same treatment. I needed help with the Aimpoint mounts on another occation, he's the only one who knows about Aimpoint scopes there. The owner said he'll be right with you (and that was after waiting 20 minutes), the guy stood at the counter, knew I was waiting, he decided to eat. Well, we all have to eat, I'll just look at the scopes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, hes helped 2 others in the mean time, three people plus myself walked out and I swear I will never return whether he's the only store in all of CT who has ammo, I doubt that very much, but thats his attitude, and like you, I'm not going back to spend another $1500 like I was planning on that day the tall guy decided eat at the counter.

Glenn Beck has spoken to him about appearing on his show again, maybe Glenn would like to hear this because when he comes in the store, he's not gonna be treated like the countless no body's like me, but I believe Glenn Beck has more integrity and honor and would not want special treatment. I'm a 9/12er too, so, maybe I'll mention this next time.

Like other have said, we've been hearing a lot of this in the past few months, but, let me look at the P poor attitude I recieved and figure out why...was it just me? Did I ask stupid questions, interupt them, do something unsafe on the range? No, not once, but I thought about it and watched two Saturdays ago when the place was jammed, a lot of people using the range...I watched as one guy walked up to the tall black guy with a closed semi automatic pointed at his chest, NOT GOOD! I think he handled it well though. Ten minutes later, with clearly posted rules on the walls, one rull says "no loading in the lounge", what happens? 2 guys were loading in the lounge.

So, we all have something that sparks us and can make for bad days, in the case of pointing a weapon, empty or not at an employee, I wouldn't be happy either, but still, theres no reason for disrespect, cockiness and pure rudeness on the part of store owners or their employees, but there is certainly no call for price gouging and dishonesty.

It is fully understood that they are experiencing shortages and need to raise prices, thats ok, but outright gouging because the feel they can is wrong andf the deserve a lousy review.

Now, and I'll end with this, I had visited that Norwalk store prior to visting Connecticut Gun Exchange in Monroe, they too had limited ammo and guns, but there is one thing with those guys, they're not maliciously gouging their customers and I cannot tell you how nice it was to deal with professionals who take all the time a customer needs to answer questions, no matter how dumb the question may sound.

They may not have as nice a store as Norwalk, but theres more behind the counter and register than just fire arms, there's kindness, communication, professionalism, knowledge, experience...basically just what any customer expects. I'm disappointed to say Forest and Field lost my buisness, but CT Gun Exchange over extended themselves, took time with me and I ordered a Henry Big Boy 357 from them.

Norwalk might be raking in the big bucks right now, but like KenB and what he experienced, we need to reward those stores who know what good customer service means, who respect all customers, keep them in business, and let others know where to shop, or avoid.

PS, I also used Cheaperthandirt .com for Bushmaster parts and ammo, had it in 3 days, perfect condition, as advertized, original new parts, $150 cheaper than Norwalk...well done!

Thanks Ken for the post
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Marksman III
Marksman III

Joined: Dec 23, 2007
Posts: 60
Location: Waterbury area

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 7:32 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Well said KSODA and agree everyone has had a bad day but Scott Moss (owner of Forest & Field) is just an arrogant idiot, I went in there years ago with a friend of mine who used to shoot there and he couldn't have been more unfriendly it really amazes me that he is still in buisness I will never patronize that place ever, glad to hear Ct Gun Exchnage is better because years ago (maybe 10-15) there was a man (Stanly I think) who was another unfriendly arrogant SOB but I have herard there are new owners and it is a much better experience now.
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Marksman III
Marksman III

Joined: Feb 25, 2009
Posts: 73

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 8:33 am Reply with quote Back to top

The most knowledgeble and well spoken gun shop that I know of is the Autumn Gun Works in Goshen CT. The hours there are Tue-Sat.
They have some very nice guns.

Recently I picked up a original Mannlicher Schoenauer full stocked carbine there chambered in .358 Win!

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