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Miriam Carey Autopsy: Shot 5 Times in the back

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Marksman III
Marksman III
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Miriam Carey Autopsy: Shot 5 Times in the back

Postby nuke » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:52 am ... 09397.html

Nice cover photo. Trying to make the viewers think she rammed this police cruiser. The cruiser hit pop-up barricade. 5 shots in the back with one to the back of the head? Is that more like “old west outlaw stuff”, “old time gangster stuff” or current day “Mexican drug cartel stuff”? Sure would be nice to see the video of her trying to “ram” the barricade but we never will. I haven't seen any video of her using the car as a deadly weapon which is what they are saying was the justification for the use of deadly force.

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Sharpshooter II
Sharpshooter II
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Postby jerryd » Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:46 am

Always said the government will take care of you!!! Just ask the Indians!

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Postby Hddreamer » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:09 am

What do you think they should have done ,let her drive like a maniac till she ran out of gas? Or should they have to wait till she actually runs someone down in order to use whatever forces needed
And if your chasing the suspect where do you think the bullets are gonna end up
There's lots of ways to get your point across using your car as a battering ram isn't one of them
What if your family was there and this nut case hit your family ?
Too many bleeding hearts out there
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