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Armed Citizen - Georgia

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Armed Citizen - Georgia

Postby hayes1966 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:36 pm

Resident Scares Pistol-Wielding Man Away With Warning Shot

Man had reportedly tried to force his way into a Winder home.
A Winder, Ga. resident scared away an armed man by firing a warning shot during an attempted home invasion on Sept. 3. Credit: File photo
A man got more than he bargained for when he attempted to force open the door of an East Wright Street trailer on Sept. 3.

The Winder resident told authorities he was getting ready for bed when he heard a knock at the door. He looked out the window to see who it was and saw a man he did not recognize. Since the resident was not expecting anyone, he told the man to go away and that he had the wrong address.

The man, however, continued knocking so the resident opened the door slightly and subsequently realized the man was holding a gun. At that point, the man allegedly tried to force his way inside the trailer, but the resident was able to get the door closed and locked. The resident then went to his bedroom and retrieved his handgun.

"He went back to the front door and said the suspect was still trying to force his way into he residence," the deputy wrote in the report. "While he was standing behind the front door, he fired a warning shot towards the ground inside the trailer. He said after he fired the warning shot, the suspect ran away. He then grabbed his phone and dialed 911."

The warning shot ricocheted off the front door, traveled through a closed bedroom door and through a second door. The deputy was unable to find where the bullet came to rest.

A witness to the incident said he heard a noise, looked out his window and saw a man trying to kick open his neighbor's door. By the time the witness got to his front door, the man was gone but he did see a white sedan "peel out" of the area.

Photos of the scene, including tire tracks believed to belong to the suspect's vehicle, were placed into evidence and extra patrols assigned to the area. ... rning-shot

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