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Public Trust

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Public Trust

Postby JohnFH » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:13 pm

And why the police lose more of it every day

Abuse authority at the highest level, endagering the public, and "Nassry filed his retirement papers Thursday morning, just hours before his attorney, Charles Sciarra, was to hold a news conference in which he was expected to sharply criticize the Attorney General's office for pursuing the criminal charges"

Lets see comit a criminal act in a freekin POLICE car and we should let mr police officer retire at 47 with a 3 million dollar pension
"One estimate suggested if he loses his pension, either through conviction or plea bargaining, it would amount to a $3 million fine, the maximum the 47-year-old veteran could otherwise expect to collect over his lifetime."

And of course his buddy showed all kind of morals by following an unlawful order instead of doing the RIGHT thing, protect the public and REPORT the illegal order.
"Nassry allegedly ordered Ventrella to help with the caravan."

His pension should already be gone and he should be in jail waiting trial like all the other criminals and too have the freekin audacity to be upset he is facing charges? WTF if you don't want to face charges DO NOT COMMIT A CRIME. OK no one was hurt, cool, but how much should it have cost if they killed someone (abusing authority) playing games on the (remember this)
PUBLIC highway, you know, the ones we pay the POLICE to help keep safe.

I wasn't born with my distrust of the police, they go out of thier way to EARN it.

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