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CT permit holder joining a club in Mass?

Issues related to the permit application process in CT

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CT permit holder joining a club in Mass?

Postby Eric » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:33 pm

I was looking for people's thoughts on being a CT pistol permit holder in CT, and being a member of a club in Mass.

I was a member through 2012, but was always nervous about transporting arms into Mass to use the club.

I'm aware of the Mass general statute about going to an "organized event", but using the range by myself was always a stretch under that definition.
It's here actually: ... ection131g

Now that I've purchased an AR this week (only 81% over MSRP at my LGS), I'm even MORE concerned about transport through Mass.

Here's a forum post talking about a painful & expensive process to get an out-of-state permit in Mass. Too painful to do. ... rview.html

Any community thoughts on this issue?

Thanks all. Eric.

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