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Pistol permit timeline and deadlines

Issues related to the permit application process in CT

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Pistol permit timeline and deadlines

Postby Rich_B » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:35 pm

The timeline for a pistol permit in the State of Connecticut is the following: wrote:Day One - Applicant submits “a sufficient application” as required.
Delivery is verified and applicant possesses copies of everything submitted together with verification of delivery.

Day Five – The request for a State and Federal Criminal History Record Check must be forwarded, “The local authority shall record the date the fingerprints were taken in the applicant's file and, within five business days of such date, shall forward such fingerprints or other positive identifying information to the State Police Bureau of Identification which shall conduct criminal history records checks in accordance with section 29-17a.

Day Six – Call issuing authority to verify that request and prints have been properly forwarded as required by law and the method they were sent to SPBI.

Days six through ten - A Reasonable amount of time for request to arrive at SPBI, (State Police Bureau of Identification).

Days eleven to Fourteen – the time it should take for SPBI to “LIVE SCAN” the paper prints into the system to the CJIS computer background system. (The FBI’s CJIS in West Virginia does not accept paper fingerprints from SPBI for Pistol Permit Applicants).

Days Fourteen to Sixteen – The FBI’s CJIS system returns Live Scan results electronically back to SPBI within 48 hours unless there is some type of glitch.

Days Sixteen to Twenty – A reasonable amount of time for SPBI to get the National and State Criminal History results returned and into the possession of the requesting local issuing authority.

Days Twenty eight or later – The applicant contacts the local issuing authority, SPBI and the FBI’s CJIS system to obtain and verify the specific dates that requests, (with or without prints), were made and received by each.

For extraordinary delays, the statutes prescribe that 8 weeks is the limit. The only real variable here is the FBI check which should only take a maximum of 48 hours. If this 8 weeks is to be exceeded, the issuing authority must state the cause of the delay in writing to the applicant.

This is supported by CGS 29-28a and 29-29(c):

29-28a wrote:(b) The local authority shall, not later than eight weeks after a sufficient application for a temporary state permit has been made, inform the applicant that such applicant's request for a temporary state permit has been approved or denied. The local authority shall forward a copy of the application indicating approval or denial of the temporary state permit to the Commissioner of Public Safety. If the local authority has denied the application for a temporary state permit, no state permit may be issued. The commissioner shall, not later than eight weeks after receiving an application indicating approval from the local authority, inform the applicant in writing that the applicant's application for a state permit has been approved or denied, or that the results of the national criminal history records check have not been received. If grounds for denial become known after a temporary state permit has been obtained, the temporary state permit shall be immediately revoked pursuant to section 29-32.

29-29 wrote:(c) The local authority may, in its discretion, issue a temporary state permit before a national criminal history records check relative to such applicant's record has been received. Upon receipt of the results of such national criminal history records check, the commissioner shall send a copy of the results of such national criminal history records check to the local authority, which shall inform the applicant and render a decision on the application within one week of the receipt of such results. If such results have not been received within eight weeks after a sufficient application for a permit has been made, the local authority shall inform the applicant of such delay, in writing. No temporary state permit shall be issued if the local authority has reason to believe the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony, or that any other condition exists for which the issuance of a permit for possession of a pistol or revolver is prohibited under state or federal law.

The BFPE's form letter for appealing a delay which is based on the same statutes should be used for applicants who experience anything outside this timeline:

Any violation of the deadlines given by the statutes should be immediately appealed.

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