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Bell City Rifle Club Junior Program

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:55 pm
by hayes1966
Junior Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Bell City Rifle Club Junior Program is to teach firearms safety and basic rifle marksmanship to Juniors from ten to seventeen years of age. New Juniors are required to attend our Junior safety course which takes place over four nights and is taught twice a year. After successful completion of the safety course Juniors can become Junior members of the Bell City Rifle Club.
By attending Tuesday night practice, Juniors can advance through the NRA smallbore qualification course which takes them from Pro Marksman to Expert in fourteen steps. They may then work towards attaining their Distinguished Expert classification.
Juniors may also compete in the Connecticut Valley Junior Rifle League and various local and regional smallbore matches and move on to High Power competition.
Rifles, ammunition and equipment are provided.
The annual membership fee is $20.00.