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Anything to do with hunting, post pictures of your trophy, recipes for cooking or tips for fellow hunters.

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Marksman I
Marksman I
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Postby newhavenAR » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:52 am

I am deer hunting for the first time this year, and was considering getting a ground blind to shoot from. I will be using state land and the reason for the blind is to have a little shelter since I will be out all day from sun rise to sun set . Additionally, I do not want to get a tree stand because I do not want to leave a tree stand on public property and risk getting it stolen.

So does anyone here hunt from a ground blind on public land ? If so which one do you use and any advice would be recommended .


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Postby JohnFH » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:54 am

Get a climber tree stand so you don't have to leave it.

Ground blinds tend to have issues, deer notice the "new object" in the woods, so ground blinds really need to be there for some time for the deer to get used too.

I try to use natural ground blinds, blown down trees, brush piles and the like. A small tarp makes a roof if you need it, but don't let it blow or flap.
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Postby AGust82 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:55 pm

I agree. Bringing a ground blind in every morning and taking it out is pretty much a terrible practice. First issue is scent. Spray it all you want but you'll never completely disguise it. It's way more than de-scenting your body and clothes. It will act as like an air freshener you clip to your car's vent. The wind blows through it and the smells carry away down wind. Having a tremendously large surface area compared to your body it's quite a big air freshener. Second is the "new object" issue. Deer are extremely observant and skittish during the fall/rut and will steer very clear of anything that isn't familiar. Ground blinds are meant to be left in the hunted area for long periods of time. Both issues eventually solve themselves. The scent is washed out after being subject to rain and wind and eventually will simply smell like the forest. Same with being out of place. It may startle them the first time or two they come across it but will eventually remember and become comfortable with seeing it.
I like improvising natural ground blinds/cover too. you'll get good at it eventually and really like doing it. Plus you aren't committed to any predetermined spots.

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