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Beth Bye at Gun Meeting******MUST READ**********MUST READ


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Beth Bye at Gun Meeting******MUST READ**********MUST READ

Postby resinator » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:05 pm

There is a picture of Beth Bye going through her Facebook on her laptop while at the gun meeting in Hartford. I guess someone behind her got a picture with his phone and posted it. She was either talking with the persons next to her while speakers were voicing their opinions, or on her Facebook. She is being paid BY US to render her decision on the important gun meeting that was going on.
I guess she already made up her mind. Let's let her knnow we are aware of her doing.

I saw the pictures on another website. Should be able to GOGGLE them..

Mike D.

Only 1 news channel ran the Facebook story of Sen Beth Bye on her FACEBOOK(and twitter) during the public hearing (Hey I'm all for FB but not when you are being paid to PAY ATTENTION to the people!). WE know her mind is made up already folks, she isn't even LISTENING to people she represents...THIS STORY NEEDS TO GET OUT to more than just you folks here so...share this post! Contact the news entities listed and ask them why they didn’t publish anything about CT Senator Beth Bye paying attention to her Facebook page and ignoring the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group’s Public Hearing!!!! Contact at least one of the listed news sources, copy and paste for emails the provided wording or read it for calls. GET THE WORD OUT, SHARE, WRITE, CALL! If we have to we can take these people who don't listen out of office one at a time if we have to--Doc

Use this wording to show unified front:

I would like to know why you didn't run a story about CT Senator Beth Bye chatting on her Facebook page and ignoring the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group’s Public Hearing. select news comments

(203) 784-8888

Channel 3 news (860) 728-3333 press 3

New England Cable News, Telephone: (617) 630-5000,

Republican American (800) 992-3232

God bless America and out troops....U.S.M.C.

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