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Ammo Prices

Ammunition, sources and info

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Postby newguy » Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:58 am

CTSixshot wrote:
newguy wrote:I am reloading 7.62x54r now. Using 308 heads 150gr and whatever powder i can scrap up to be honest. I have tried W760 it wicked dirty and makes the brass rainbow kinda a bad powder for this i guess...

W760 does similarly in 8x57mm for me.
If you want .310" + diameter bullets, keep an eye out for bargain-priced 7.65x53 Belgian/Argentinian surplus. They tend to be about .314" Usually they are pretty tarnished, but you can salvage the bullets...

I would use large heads I just need to get expander pin for that size since Lee set only came with .308 expander. Be worth investment in the pin. Since it seems .308 heads are now double the price of .311 heads

Btw issue with new brass cases is it seems that only new brass ever avaible is that Lalupa brass and it like a buck a piece. Better off buying Priv ammo and shooting it off

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Postby CTSixshot » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:01 am

Just go and get one or make something similar. Don't let a simple purchase of a <$10 (?) item keep you from building the ideal ammo. Does the .308" expander not allow you to seat a .311" bullet. Chamfer the case mouth and try a few. I doubt it will score the jacketing or have too much grip to release the bullet. You're talking Mosin Nagant here!

Aren't you reloading .303 British? Use that expander ball for your MN cases...

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