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Secure Alternatives/King 33 Three Day Pistol & Sims 4/28

Training related discussions.

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Secure Alternatives/King 33 Three Day Pistol & Sims 4/28

Postby Rich_B » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:39 pm

Ray Johansen of Secure Alternatives was nice enough to extend a great offer to Connecticut Carry to come down and check out what the 2 day pistol class was all about and see him in action.

Short story: I was very impressed.

When we arrived, Ray was conducting a lecture on some of the basic firearms handling, range rules and giving a verbal description of some of the concepts he would be teaching when they went hot.

A lot of instruction occurred, but the group was very engaged and asked great questions. Ray never failed to give great, concise and honest replies. It was refreshing. There was a great dialog between all students and their instructors (Paul, Eric, Tad - Not forgetting the great job you guys did) and I got a 'vibe' of how different the skill levels across the students was. That first day you could see most of the students were meeting for the first time.

We stayed and watched the group move to the firing line and start some basic draw and shoot situations while the instructors interacted on a one-on-one basis and gauged their experience levels and needs. I could see instructors zero in one the people that needed extra instruction and also zero in on where they need instruction. It was obvious right from the start that this class was very flexible and ready to improvise, adapt and overcome.

We left before noon, with all shooters working on various draw, shoot, reload exercises. People were doing great and I was happy with the mood of the class. Ray is a patient, charismatic leader, but he is also pretty no-nonsense. He keeps people safe, he pushes them, and I could see how every student was appreciative of it.

Paul and Eric were patrolling the line of shooters catching onto small issues and assisting shooters and correcting them with patient advice and suggestions.

The next day, we came back. We came back a little later than we hoped to, but we caught the tail end of a little friendly competition with an elimination match.

That is where we were really impressed. Some of the people who seemed to be newest to this kind of shooting or at least uncomfortable, were in the elimination the longest. Students who started out with OWB and having some issues were now drawing from concealment with IWB holsters like pros. Plus, they were landing shots on a plate two handed and one handed.

The class looked like a bunch of pros. I also noticed they were all MUCH closer with each other, everyone clapping and helping each other, offering encouragement to people eliminated early, etc.

I could tell how proud the instructors were when the shooting stopped and clean up started.

The class wrapped up with a debriefing and people were open, honest and full of praise for their instructors.

Overall, I was impressed by:
- The number of instructors on the range. There was about 1 instructor (depending on Ray, when he was instructing the entire class or when he was being personally attentive) for every two students and they covered a lot of ground and issues each.
- The friendly atmosphere. Even when people were having issues, everyone was happy and full of encouragement and assistance.
- The range of experience. There were people there who had obviously had training before, and people who seemed to be new to training. All walked away with increased abilities and great attitudes. Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient and just 'nice' people.

I would like to thank Ray, the instructors with Secure Alternatives and King33 Training and all the students there who were great.

We look forward to working with everyone in trying to improve the discussion among new (and old) permit holders with regards to training. If you have the time and you carry a handgun for defense, I can't recommend this training enough. It is cheaper than a new pistol, it is very good for honing your skill set and I have to admit, it looked fun. Way more fun than any day on the range I have ever had.

Keep up the good work guys!

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