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Chuck Taylor giving a lecture at Blue Trail Range Sept 24th.

Training related discussions.

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Chuck Taylor giving a lecture at Blue Trail Range Sept 24th.

Postby Blaster » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:03 pm

Found this on Defense Associates web site:

Techniques & Tactics For Police & Armed Citizens- Once a situation escalates to where a firearm must be brought into action, the method used to do so and the tactics to be employed during the encounter are really no different for an individual police officer or armed citizen. The debate, as it always has been, is which techniques and tactics are the best under a wide variety of circumstances and what is the best way to develop the skills needed to perform them most effectively. Today scores of individuals and groups are promoting their instruction and methods as the most effective. Add the thousands of opinions posted on the internet forums and it has become harder than ever for those needing to improve their skill levels in an efficient and cost effective manner to sort through the clutter and select the best course of instruction.

Classroom discussions will cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from: how military, SWAT or competition based training is inappropriate, training vs. exposure, why mastering the basics is vital, why knowledge of the law is essential, how legal considerations and witness reaction effect technique selection, tactics to reduce the possibility of deadly encounters, how to improve your ability yet spend less time and money actually shooting, why good weapon handling skills are needed, how to evaluate techniques and tactics you are exposed to, the effects of stress on your efficiency and the physiological changes you can expect to undergo during periods of high stress – both the myths and the realities. In addition, attendees are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time so we can try to work them into the lecture plus will have the opportunity to do so during the Q&A period at the end of the class.

Range work includes lecture, demonstrations and live fire drills for those who wish to participate. Participates will need a handgun, holster, 2 magazines or speed loaders & 50 rounds of ammunition. The class will run from 8:45 to approx. 4:30 with a break for lunch. Friday Sept 24 Tuition is $150 and you must preregister.

Instruction by Chuck Taylor & ASAA Staff Tuition $150 Sept 24

If interested you should look here for details.

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