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Anyone else get the Jim Himes survey email?

Laws regarding firearms in Connecticut.

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Anyone else get the Jim Himes survey email?

Postby SpaceCritter » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:29 am

After the very leading opening, we're offered a bunch of (likewise leading) choices. Down the bottom is Other.

My answer:

(X) Other

If you are sincere about stopping tragedies such as occurred at SHES, you will work to ELIMINATE "Gun Free Zones" - ESPECIALLY at places where our most vulnerable can be found. Had there been even ONE armed, responsible adult there that day...

If you are sincere about solving the problem of urban crime, such as the tragic example of Ms. Murphy's daughter you cite, you had better be prepared to be brutally honest about socioeconomic and demographic contexts of these crimes.

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