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Bypassing normal process

Laws regarding firearms in Connecticut.

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Bypassing normal process

Postby hayes1966 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:06 pm

Please email your reps .. they are trying to railroad bills through in CT just like they did in NY.

Members of the legislature,

I have heard that any legislation put forward relating to gun violence prevention will now go through an emergency bill and will bypass all the usual legislative committees and public hearings and get signed right into law.

The only “emergency” here is the trampling of our rights.

Despite the horror in our backyard on Dec. 14th, crimes committed with AR-15s and other rifles are almost nonexistent. There is no reason or need to bypass the proper legislative process that Americans hold dear. If this is TRULY about Sandy Hook and crime prevention, there is also no reason not to at the very least wait until the State Police have finished their investigation and released those findings to the public.

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