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Metacon Class III 2009 Schedule

Class III Shooting

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Metacon Class III 2009 Schedule

Postby djmiked » Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:24 pm

Here is the 2009 Metacon Class III Schedule. Please note that in order to shoot in the Class III matches with a full auto firearm, you must have taken and completed the Metacon Class III Check-out. Contact me for further info on getting checked-out.

New this Year: We will be adding a new division/class for semi-auto pistol caliber rifles/carbines. This will start with the April 19, 2009 Bowling Pin Match. So if you have an AR15/9mm , a Marlin Camp 9 or 45, a semi-auto Uzi or MAC, etc, you can now compete in the matches!

All firearms (unless it is a Battle rifle match) must be straight wall pistol caliber! Example: 9mm, 45ACP, 40 S&W, etc.

We will be posting the Class III schedule and copies of the matches on the Metacon website. This way here you will know what the course of fire will be ahead of time and you will know how much ammo, how many mags, etc. you will need for the match. I'm not sure when exactly the matches will be posted online, but keep checking the website and look for the Class III section for more details.

If you want a copy of the March "Full Auto Blast" match let me know. I have that match in a word document format. Is there a way to post that here?

We are going to bring back some of the old favorites including the Assault/Battle Rifle match. We are also looking into having a 2 gun and possibly 3 gun match as well. We will be adding some new "zombie targets" into the mix along with some other targets down the road. We will probably do a man on man plate rack match, similar to the bowling pin match.

All matches this year will be held on Sunday. The indoor matches will have a start time of 10:00 am and the outdoor matches will have a start time of 11:00 am.

March 22, 2009 Indoor - Full Auto Blast

April 19, 2009 Outdoor - Bowling Pin

May 17, 2009 Outdoor

June 21, 2009 Outdoor

July 19, 2009 Outdoor

August 16, 2009 Outdoor

September 20, 2009 Outdoor

October 18, 2009 Outdoor

November 22, 2009 Indoor

December 20, 2009 Indoor

Any questions feel free to contact me or PM me.

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